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You Won A Challenge! Now be the Best of the best!

Recent Work

  • Hanging Lake by Valentina Gatewood
  • Lilac Breasted Roller by Anthony Goldman
  • Swallowtail Butterfly by sienebrowne
  • Mystical Adventures II ~ NiLhsa Eermat from KiakRa by Rhonda Strickland
  • Under The Shower by Penny Smith
  • Temenos Gateway in Petra, Jordan by Yair Karelic
  • Path to Peace by Adam Northam
  • Red String of Fate by Mui-Ling Teh
  • Pigeon Point Lighthouse - California USA by TonyCrehan
  • Are You Looking At Us?? Orangutans, Sepilok, Borneo  by Carole-Anne
  • Sentinel by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Orange Beauty by Ludwig Wagner

About This Group

You Won A Challenge! That’s great! Submit it to the current challenge to be voted Best of the Best by the RB community.

The rules are very simple. If you have an image that has WON any challenge in any other Redbubble Group between the dates of the group’s current challenge please enter it into this challenge. Previous PRIMA winning images can’t enter again. If you have an invitation to enter, please be fair to other RB members and only enter it into the challenge you have been invited to. If you’ve missed the deadline, it’s too late. If you were lucky enough to have won more than one challenge in the specific period, you will have to select which ONE image you want to submit, and the ones which haven’t been submitted don’t qualify for the next challenge, unless it wins another challenge.

If you haven’t received a direct invite (it’s not always possible to keep track of all the other groups’ winners) PLEASE HELP MAKE MY MODERATION EASY and post a link to the challenge you have won in the description area of your work. If there is no link or clear indication which challenge you have won THE IMAGE WILL BE REMOVED from the challenge.

If you don’t know how to do a link on RedBubble, you can see how easy it is HERE

Submit it to the challenge and to the group. If your image is not in the group it cannot be FEATURED.

Moderation will be done during voting time and then there won’t be a second chance to submit something else.

Please respect the moderators and abide with RedBubble policy.

Challenges will be posted twice monthly. Please make sure you follow the guidelines of the group, because moderation will be done during voting time and then there won’t be a second chance to submit something else.

Only the TOP 10 and featured work will remain in the group.

The first place winner’s image will be featured in the group and also the avatar of the group till the next challenge closes. That image can’t enter another challenge in this group. The first place winner will be featured in our Prima Challenges Hall of Fame gallery featuring the Best of the Best of RB and the opportunity to compete in a Best of the Year Challenge.

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