Preserving History - Must have Age of the subject, Location & Country in Description

Preserving history through photography and paintings. Please add approximate age of the subject, history and location in the description


  • Vestige Of Independence by DJ Florek
  • Suffrage Envoy Photograph (1915) by allhistory
  • Map of Liberia (1870) by allhistory
  • Pillars of the Church #17 by kalaryder
  • Pre WW2 USAAF Roundel Ryan PT-22 VH-RPT Design by muz2142
  •  Whale Sculptures,Darling Harbour,NSW,Australia 2002 by muz2142
  • Silhouette at Volendam ( 2 ) by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Avro Tutor K3241 G-AHSA banking by Colin Smedley
  • The Most Colourful of Javelins by Colin Smedley
  • Alnwick Castle in Spring by wiggyofipswich
  • Moss Graved by kalaryder
  • University of Glasgow, Scotland by Yannik Hay
  • # 25 Cable Car - San Francisco California by Buckwhite
  • Cathedral of Campeche by Yukondick
  • Campeche Walls @ night by Yukondick
  • The Tower of London's Weather Vane by Martha Sherman
  • Pillars of the Church #14 by kalaryder
  • Map of Africa (1977) by allhistory