Practising the Dark Arts

Occult, religion, fantasy, magic and mythology For lovers of the supernatural, ethereal, metaphysical and psychological.


  • Sybille Sterk

    #resist by Sybille Sterk

    stopping the words
    coating my throat
    no way to say it

    73 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    wolves by Sybille Sterk

    scratching at my door

    60 words
  • blarbdenarp

    Escape by blarbdenarp

    All those nights
    that I spent alone
    All those nights
    that I spent at home
    Chasing ghosts fueled on amphetamines
    Amplifying rogue thoughts
    Wading through rotting corpses
    These illusions becoming makeshift…

    354 words
  • blarbdenarp

    white noise by blarbdenarp

    Every word erased
    so they cannot see
    Plots gone to haste
    We are (not) temporary
    Beautiful dreamer returned to the sea
    Perpetuating an idea to hate
    The door can close
    But will another open?
    A war inherited wi…

    92 words
  • blarbdenarp

    A letter by blarbdenarp

    Who am I
    Who are you…

    Questions streaming
    From the mouth of
    a neurotic home-less man

    The streets were littered with these somber worries
    as if-
    the world was going to end

    For some, it did
    and their existen

    67 words
  • blarbdenarp

    blur by blarbdenarp

    Reality tends to blur
    The days are riddled with confusion…

    Deep breaths
    Wandering sighs

    How long was I out
    Did I just stop mid-

    Where did all my time go?
    Is it worth living this way?

    Repressing the past a

    56 words
  • blarbdenarp

    This life is a broker by blarbdenarp

    Better scurry off young one
    Better run to the sun…

    Stomach is sick
    Suicidal thrill
    Chilled drink in hand
    The trigger is close
    But the cooker is broke

    28th street living
    Don’t think the villain is mad
    The vei

    91 words
  • blarbdenarp

    The Mandela effect by blarbdenarp

    Am I X or Y?
    I remembered it differently
    These events in my mind
    It seems to fluctuate as time rolls by
    Altered ever so slightly
    But I am not alone
    Some don’t quite remember too
    Confabulation due to…

    122 words
  • blarbdenarp

    Valley of the moon by blarbdenarp

    It does not care
    Nor does it shout
    The time is near
    When all hope is out
    Hold on to all that you hold dear
    Our system slowly fades
    becomes much easier to exhale
    nerve-endings numb
    blood circulation tightens

    67 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    The shroud by Sybille Sterk

    I wear
    like a shroud

    © Sybille Sterk Do not copy or publish this in any way, shape or form without my written permission.

    55 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    In the woods tonight by Sybille Sterk

    I hide
    in the forests of my mind
    where the air is still

    © Sybille Sterk Do not copy or publish this in any way, shape or form without my written permission.

    91 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    But why? by Sybille Sterk

    I trace my finger
    along the open wound
    listening to
    the rasping sound
    it makes

    © Sybille Sterk Do not copy or publish this in any way, shape or form without my written permission.

    58 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    hypnotic by Sybille Sterk

    with last night’s dream kisses’
    sweet taste
    still lingering on my lips
    I wonder
    about the secrets

    66 words
  • Nadya Johnson

    ET's Mistake by Nadya Johnson

    Be careful where you drink! There could be some Strange Creatures in the joint.

    533 words
  • RC deWinter

    Close Encounter by RC deWinter

    Isn’t this a simply marvellous party?
    Such food, such wine,
    so many famous faces!
    But I’m not here as a sycophant.

    356 words
  • blarbdenarp

    dissolutum paradoxon by blarbdenarp

    the white noise helps us think
    even when we are falling off the edge of a kitchen sink
    let us scurry
    let us hide
    in our great escape
    let us find peace in morning dew and wine
    we are not forever nor are we …

    55 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    hey days are over by Sybille Sterk

    like a soldier
    in a war he can’t win
    I get up every morning
    to face another day

    114 words
  • RC deWinter

    The Legacy of Lenora Greene by RC deWinter

    If you grow up in Hopkinton, it’s a given:
    when you’re old enough you’re going to go looking for the garden.

    949 words