POSTCARDS DESTINATIONS - 2/day Write the country in the title please

Group Rules:

Only the top quality will be accepted
Host will not engage in explanations for why work is not accepted.

Repeated offenders will be removed from the group
Members must self-moderate before the hosts do the final moderation!
If a work has been admitted by mistake and we notice it afterwards, it will be removed.
New rule: The work you upload must be yours.*+

1 • A state is not a country. Please add the destination: city, state or province and Country where your photo was taken either in the title or in the description of your work. Locations written in Tags are NOT acceptable.
If you don’t want to write the country, don’t submit it to the group.
Please make it easy for the hosts to locate where you wrote the city, state and country. We don’t want to read the whole description before finding the information we need to accept your work.
2 • Photos submitted must be in focus and of good quality, no shots taken in the fog or mist and the horizon straight
3 • No parts of a building etc. it must be recognizable as a building! No interior photos.
4 • No macro or nudity allowed. Images with the NSFW filter will neither be accepted.
5 • Animal shots will only be allowed if showing it’s surrounding, in the context of a postcard setting, i.e. zoo or wildlife park and this should be clear from the photo, so no close-up animal photos
6 • Shots should not include people that dominate the shot
7 • Some texturing and layering will be acceptable at the host’s discretion and as long as it is not overworked
8 • We only accept photographs, no drawings or paintings
9 • We do not accept close up water shots, beach shots and waterfalls will be accepted showing it’s surrounding
10 • No flowers no trees
11 • Sunrise and sunset shots will be at the hosts discretion, but should have a focal point showing a destination
12 • When you submit your photos to the group, you are accepting your work to be featured in this group
13 • 2 images per 24 hours – Any more than this will unfortunately be rejected without a reason*
14 * To keep the group fresh I will remove photos regularly and keep the number of pages in the gallery below 600
15 • If you have a shot rejected unfortunately you will just receive the RB standard rejection message as we do not have time to reply by BM to everyone giving specific reasons*
16. New rule: The work you upload must be yours.

*If you find that your image has been removed from the group, please do not resubmit it. If you don’t understand why your image was removed, please review the group rules.
Do not dump your photos here.

By joining this group you give the hosts full rights to use your images as challenge avatars.

Don’t submit every new work, we only want the very best.
- Don’t re-submit rejected work. 
- Don’t enter more than one version of the same image.