Portraits In Studio Lighting

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Recent Work

  • Reflective Ferret by Mark Cooper
  • Mad Micks Manic Maintenance! by Mick Smith
  • The Temptress: Eve by Denise Abé
  • Penny for that Thought by SunseekerPix
  • A Reflection of Me by John Carpenter
  • Emolee by Ant Vaughan
  • Tribute by Krisztian Sipos
  • A little hair play by PeteS
  • No Ordinary Love by Denise Abé
  • Jazz Singer by Peter O'Hara
  • Crysta by Maisie Sinclair
  • Fight Night by Brian Edworthy

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  1. After we instate the new hosting team, we will ask you all to join the Friends of Redbubble group and have a read of the host manual before you get started.
  1. We discourage people from hosting bucketloads of groups, so if you already have quite a few groups on your hosting résumé and this one isn’t particularly close to your heart, please consider encouraging some of the other group members to give hosting a go.
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