About Face: Portrait Masters

A group to show off amazing and creative portraits.

  • Another day, another teddy bear who repeatedly does not listen and needs to have his head ripped off and his stuffing scattered to the far corners of the playground or take a lengthy "time out" by alan shapiro
  • Closer.. by Nicoletté Thain Photography
  • Windswept by Maxoperandi
  • ~  by jacqleen
  • A Quiet Beauty by micklyn
  • Ϸór by Rebecca Tun
  • a woman in Humla by queenenigma
  • Confessor  by Andrei Vishnyakov
  • The Realm In-between - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt
  • Into the mirror by Alex  DeVilbiss
  • The Most Beautiful Lies by Elizaday
  • Charlie and the rosaries  by madworld
  • my way out ~~~ by jacqleen
  • 'Willow' by Glenn Stephenson
  • Gossip by Farfarm
  • ~ life of silence ~ by jacqleen
  • E X H A L E by Nicoletté Thain Photography
  • on my tired shoulders. by queenenigma