Pop Surrealism (No Photography Please)

A Traditional Art place where the big eyed girl reigns supreme

Recent Work

  • Drink the Milkshake by BRRRAINS
  • Fuck JoMo by BRRRAINS
  • The Raven by Hedvig Sjöström
  • Macarons with faces by lenaliluna
  • Neon Girl by taudalpoi
  • Holy Pond by lerson
  • Mosaic eye by umantsiva
  • Chill out by HANDraw
  • ATale of Two Ricks by BRRRAINS
  • Power vs Pride  by Grekoarts
  • Kaneki the Crazed by Grekoarts
  • The Ultimate Warrior by Grekoarts

About This Group

Pop Surrealism is becoming one of the fastest growing and popular movements among the art world. It is also called Lowbrow which was coined by Juxtapoz magazine in the early nineties. Early on it was influenced by underground comics, punk and rock music, vintage pinups, and the 1960’s hot rod culture. Pop Surrealism has began to morph into much more. It is about culture with a distorted or surreal vision.
Pop Surrealism is often dreamy, slightly comical or even cartoonish with characters that look like dolls. In the past few years the big eyed girl has taken over the movement. This group is starting because of our absolute love of the big eyed girl.
Here is a great link to see examples of pop surrealists and their works, think Audrey Kawasaki and Lori Earley and you will get an idea of what this group is all about.

This group is for traditional artworks either hand painted/drawn or digitally painted/drawn. (No photography or stock images Please)

For Photography, Surrealism, and Pop art that does not fit the Pop Surrealism label please see these groups:
Kustom Kulture
The Voyage of the Surrealist
Pop Art

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