All Things Poetic, Artistic, Philosophical

This is a group that shares art, photography, poetry, prose reflecting and expressing questions and meanings about life's intersections and pathways often spurred by profound personal experiences.

Recent Work

  • (A)Part by Bee-Bee Deigner
  • 'hanging tree siren' 120cmx160cm acrylics/pastels on unstretched canvas by glennbrady
  • Make your life like a Golden leaf by hutofdesigns
  • The Sentries by adbetron
  • The belligerent lemon  by adbetron
  • A wonderful church that still stands. by ROBERT NIEDERRITER
  • Fluid 3 by Rachael Martin
  • Daffodils, The World in Black and White ... by Mike  Waldron
  • GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME by IdeasForArtists
  • Return of The Hero by Valery Koroshilov
  • Drunk Paints  by ArtbyDigman
  • Mrs. Field Corn And The Kids by CarolM

About This Group


This group celebrated its first birthday on 28th September 2009 and was one of the first 2 groups to go ‘live’ on redbubble.
It has been a joy and inspiration hosting it so far! Sharing poetry, creative writing, art and photography and getting to know some truly creative and interesting people along the way.

Among the hundreds and hundreds of pages of submitted work, can be found a treasure trove of artisitic talent ,humour, sorrow, passion, and depth often spurred by personal experiences that are significant and meaningful.

I invite you to take the opportunity to let the creative juices flow and share your art, poetry, writing, clothing, images and journals here in this group.

The group is continuously growing at a rapid rate, so, I would like to ask that we submit only 1 – 2 pieces of artwork at a time please. I much prefer to ask that you abide by this guideline as I do not enjoy deleting work, and if I don’t it’s not fair that some people’s work hogs the entire front page.

I’m always happy to hear about any ideas you may have for the group, especially challenges. If you have any concerns or queries please send me a bubble mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Let’s try as a group, to aim for quality not quantity. I look forward to sharing more artistic creations. Thanks for your cooperation.

Your Group Host

Please abide by this group’s guidelines here.

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