"Poetry and Beautiful Women (any writing and photos of women only - no paintings no drawings no images of random things with a poem in description)"

the sexiest writing group on the bubble


  • Untitled by wigs
  • I am an alien. And, still now, you don't see me. by Alessia Ghisi Migliari
  • J AI n  Roe Bott by ellamental
  • L'ange elle est la par Joseph ANGILELLA AUQUIER by joseph Angilella AUQUIER
  • Don't mess with a red head! by Olivia Plasencia
  • L'Ange il est la by joseph Angilella AUQUIER
  • Imposing by Greg McMahon
  • Gold by Glen Viljoen
  • Nude kneeling by Glen Viljoen
  • Nurse by Dave Cauchi
  • Ellie and Andy by Olivia Plasencia
  • Sailor Moon Cos Play by Dave Cauchi
  • Her Music by Olivia Plasencia
  • The look by Greg McMahon
  • Shape by Greg McMahon
  • Don't bother me by Olivia Plasencia
  • Willow by Sorcha Whitehorse ©
  • Nude Form  by Takingtheimage