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Features July 26, 2011 - July 31, 2011

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10132 posts

Please join me in congratulating the featured artists:

Swallowtail With Friends
by SuddenJim

by shutterbug2010

Orange Delight
by Jamie Armbruster

Aphrodite’s Beauty.
by William Brennan

Anytime is Snack Time
by Teresa Burnett

Red Ixora with Blue Dancers
by Tanya Rossi

Dashing Dasher.
by William Brennan

Beach Bug
by Teresa Burnett

Swaying In The Breeze
by William Brennan

Buggaboo Eyes
by Susan Potter

Nouvelle Vie
by SuddenJim

Honey Bee Heaven
by Teresa Burnett

Bee At The Center Of A Poppy
by Kathy Baccari

Please stop by and congratulate the artists!

Tanya Rossi Tanya Rossi 328 posts

These are all so wonderful!.. congrats to all and Thanks so much for featuring my work! :)

TeresaB TeresaB 2306 posts

Huge Congratulations to all artists!! Thank you so much Corri for including mine with these wonderful selections!!

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10132 posts

Some of these features and our group made it onto the home page today (plus one from The World As We See it, Or As We Missed it Group).


Flying Curiousities

Additionally, I am pleased to welcome Kathy Baccari to the group. Welcome Kathy!

If you have time, please stop by and congratulate the featured artists.

Thank you all for all you do!