Pink Panther Magazine--Feminist Art & Writing

Group Rules:

✦ By joining the group, you are giving explicit permission for your art, writing or clothing to be published in Pink Panther Magazine and shared on our media platforms. Your copyrights always remain with you.

This is a not-for-profit magazine and forum. Our aim is solely to promote women’s art, feminist ideas and principles.

✦ Submissions will be limited to 3 images a day.
✦ Only submit art and writing that is about what
- women think
- women feel
- women want to show the world
- women criticise

✦ Do not under any circumstances submit art or writing that has nothing to do with women’s issues and/or feminism. For example….
- pretty flowers
- kittens and puppies
- butterflies
- only fractals
- family album photos
(Although these can be used as part of your art, on their own they are NOT feminist art, even if you are)
- writing that’s contrary to feminism, e.g. enforcing cliches

✦ This is not the group to show off your latest art or writing whatever it is, but is the group if you have to say something about being a woman within a social context.
✦ For images or writing that are not obviously feminist, please write a note in the description explaining why you think it is feminist. This is so important, not only to help us in our decision making, it also sends out strong messages to other women out there and enables them to think about their world and your art or writing differently.
✦ Please ensure that poetry, articles and stories have feminism or feminist views or women in a social environment as the main motive.
✦ Images must be thought provoking, and hopefully take our thinking forward.
✦ All stock images must be credited and linked back to the owner.
✦ We accept clothing

So, please will you make sure that all art or poetry that is submitted to the group sits clearly within the rules.

Fond wishes,

Anna, Sybille and Jenifer