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An Ode to Joy—January 2013 Features

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

Features: 22 January 2013

Firstly, apologies from me, Jenifer, and Sybille for not having been around very much for the last few months. Our careers have taken off, in part thanks to the confidence and support we have received here from each other and from you all. So, whilst we celebrate and love how our lives have developed, the down side is that we have so much less time just to sit back and enjoy the wonderful art and poetry that is posted daily.

It has been a joy today to do just that. I have found myself blown away by the creative talents and inspired art that I have seen this morning. I feel as if I have been awakened once again to a world of wonders; a world where our voices are acknowledged and heard; a world of emotional and intellectual freedom. The features today are truly and ode to joy.

This wonderful and expressive artwork from Sea-Change expresses so well the concepts of being women. We hold the whole world in our hands, we nurture and cherish, challenge and fight, protect and survive. We celebrate being female.

Being Green © by Sea-Change

Alison’s poem just says it all as she reminds us of love and loss, but also our need to keep hold of that sense of wonder.

Interrupted Journey © by Alison Pearce

Do you still climb rainbows
Pirouette amongst
The crystalline kaleidoscope
Do you still call out your name
To hear it echo
Around diamond veined caves
Do you still wear flowers
In your hair entwined
Plucked from the gardens
Of leaf canopied cathedrals
And leave gifts of
Blood and honeyed wine
To a Goddess long forgotten
To the ages
Does your spirit still roam free
Flying with wings
Of woven sunbeams
Do you still believe in love
As you skip across
The glittering stars above
Do your eyes still shine
With the light of
Your journey across time
Do you still feel the pain
Or have the angels
Sung it all away
Do you ever think of me
As you ride your chariot
Of mist across the sea

© Alison Pearce 2011
Tammera’s emotional and thought-provoking image reminds us of our ancestors, their lives, their wisdom, their struggles. It is beautiful.


RC de Winter is a poet and artist who never fails to get right into the core of our being, using words that seem to dance on the page with an unrestrained force, making us reflect and consider what is and is not important to us.

groping in the dark © by RC deWinter

we cannot slip our skins and put on another’s life,
never can we truly know the path of someone else,
it’s only through the heart we can approximate
the circumstances of the other –
through their words, unsaid and said.

you may never realize the burdens of their lives,
the love gone by, the monster dwelling daily in their midst,
making every sunrise a brand-new living hell
and every night a prison –
these things are not spoken of.

how can one feel death’s inner gnawing,
unacquainted as we are with teeth and claws
and sucking mouth devouring from within?
at best we can commiserate, and hold a hand and pray –
those that do.

to have loved and lost, perhaps to never want to love again,
the fear too strong, the scar too deep, unhealed in the soul.
the tears unshed behind that sunburst smile,
the secret fear of failure –
things we may or may not perceive according to our inner sight.

nor can we wear their happinesses,
triumphs like a mantle woven gold,
we have our own wardrobe –
be it tattered, be it glorious, be it nothing, nothing at all.

no, in friendship or in love we can only hope to share that which is shared,
we cannot force reality, we cannot take the pain nor change what is
except by being there, to witness what is shown –
to care.

© 2013 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
All of LisaMM’s art holds me in thrall. She conveys such strong and moving emotions yet does so with so few strokes. Here, she touchingly reminds us of our own physical and emotional presence. I love it.

feminine © by LisaMM

This poem by Sandra has been reverberated in my head ever since I read it. It is witty, clever, and completely original. I keep re-reading it and finding more and more to enjoy. Who else could compare a love affair to the contents of a pencil case and make it work so well?

The imperial ruler and the pencil case
© by sandra

It had been a protracted affair.
He, the ruler and she…well
the glue stick.
She remembered the once.
How he had marked her compass,
with the smiley face of his glow in the dark highlighter.
Oh the angles they could achieve.
But lately, she had felt the zip.
The tell tale shavings, hidden as the lead pencil.
All the while, she oblivious to him, dabbling in the corner with white out.
Rumour had it though, he was giving his measure to glitter-pen.
Do the math, added calculator!
After all, rubber band was all that held them together.
Come to think of it, she had noticed the tell tale stains of pink permanent marker on his foot.
I rest my case.

Mariska is one of the artists here who makes my skin tingle when I view her work. Her work is heart-rending and hauntingly beautiful.

Memory Box © by Mariska

There were so many poems by su2anne that I could have featured today. She is one gifted poet. This wonderful poem just flowed on from Mariska’s painting and also makes me tingle with understanding and delight.

The return © by su2anne

Come said the moon
So She
The threshold
And walked into the night…
The time is now
The stars
And so She dug deep
Into the Mother with
Her toes…
The frog-mouth hooted
As the hum of the city
Faded away…
Now there is just She
By the infinite
Held secure by
The knowledge that She is
Not alone.

18th January
Another truly talented artist, Glitterfest, conveys a strongly feminist message throughout her work. She makes visual the many discussions and debates we have had. This dark and disturbing image reminds us all that dolls do indeed always get broken.

All Dolls Get Broken © by Glitterfest

Along the same theme, mermanda continues the reminder. She has so much talent, and again, I could have featured so many of her marvelous poems. This one meant a lot to me as I become more and more involved with weddings where I see the bride as striving to be this mythical princess._

The Era of a Princess © by mermanda

Once upon a time…
a myth prodded my mind
the branding iron labeled me
stamped a number
an expiration date
a factory of Princess’
we were meant to be the same
sweet and innocent
blonde, brown, red hair
but our eyes have lost the spark
and our makers lost their care
Barbies off a lineup
waiting for our Ken
told to be ‘good girls’
to cross our legs when we sit
how to smile
and to never spit
but that dream has faded
now the dolls are pierced and tattooed
the era of the Princess
has turned to the era
of an independent attitude
who don’t give a shit’
the race to be unique
has led them all to be the same

Read Description
No one reminds us of the effects of abuse on our emotional, physical, and intellectual selves better than Heather King. Her work never fails to have impact and resonance for us. For me, this one is special.

In the wake of tranquility © by Heather King

I love Sybille’s work. She uses words sparsely yet conveys a deep emotional understanding of the worlds we inhabit. Here she reminds us that sunshine can be ours if only we can reach out and grasp it. Beautiful writing.

a song in the dark
© by Sybille Sterk

I laugh too much and too loud
the false note ringing in my head
but inaudible to another’s ears
drowning out the
knife inside my chest
with forced amusement
like painting a crumbling wall
or whistling in the dark

the pyramids still stand
so why shouldn’t I walk away
with a smile in my future and
a seed of hope
like a spark in the night
why shouldn’t there be
a crown somewhere ahead or
at the very least
a rosebush
thorns and all

no one can go through life
without a prayer and a promise
no one should go through life
like this
without a flower in her hand
without a bird on the roof

the rose fingered dawn
is always up ahead and

one day
it will come to you
and then to me
and the laughter will be real
and the sunshine will be ours

one day
© Sybille Sterk

redqueenself redqueenself 139 posts

wonderful work! I have missed you!

LisaMM LisaMM 1482 posts

Congratulations to you dear Anna, Sybille and Jenifer, on your respective careers taking off. xoxox

Thank you for including my work in this wonderful feature focused on “JOY”. A beautiful selection and so thoughtfully compiled.
The time and effort you put into this group is so greatly appreciated. xoxo

Jennifer Rhoades Jennifer Rhoades 178 posts

Wonderful works and thank you so much for choosing mine to be among them—I really am honored and tickled. I am always so blown away by the wonderful work that Pink Panther features and the thread found to join each together in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Thank you and congratulations to the other artists!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

I have missed you all so much too and thank you for your lovely comments. The only good thing about being away from here so much is that when I do get time to have a look around I am also blown away by what I see. The talent, creativity and care here is second to none.

RC deWinter RC deWinter 616 posts

How wonderful to hear that you, our editors and group hosts, are enjoying such success, congratulations to all of you. I’m honored to be a member of this community. Thank you for featuring my piece “groping in the dark” and congratulatons to all whose work is included in this stunning collection.

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8285 posts

Fabulous collection of works…congratulations to all the featured artists.

su2anne su2anne 1519 posts

wondrous, inspiring and humbling….
what a privilege it is to be amongst such talented women
and thank you Anna for returning so we can display our work together
xox suzanne:))

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1330 posts

What a wonderful way to usher in 2013, Anna. I always enjoy the way these feature collections come together and manage to unify in extraordinary ways. Congratulations to all the featured artists and poets. Here’s to the beginning of another great year for each and every one of us.

Sea-Change Sea-Change 234 posts

Anna, I am so thrilled to have my work featured here, thankyou so much. Congratulations to everyone here – wonderful images and writing !!

Tammera Tammera 1173 posts

oh my goodness! It is always such a thrill an honor and a pleasure to be included in any features in this group! What great selections you always pose to us dear Anna… I am truly thrilled that your careers are doing well! Thank you ever so kindly for selecting one of my works to be included here. And congratulations to all the wonderful well deserving artists! Anna you always do such a superb jo!!!…So glad to see you back again! And we have missed you too!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

Thank you, what lovely comments. I am so pleased.


sandra22 sandra22 612 posts

I have just awed at the calibre of art here…just so wonderful. I am thrilled to be included amongst such woman as these. And you three, Anna, Jenifer and Sybille …many thanks for both hosting this group, supporting the female art and juggling now blossoming careers, too good!!
much love
Sandra x

sandra22 sandra22 612 posts

My new avatar I must share with you, was painted in a series of the feminine essence here, by the very talented and generous Robin Monroe…how lucky are we xx

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1330 posts

Very nice, Sandra. We’re very lucky, indeed. xox

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

It is lovely Sandra, thank you for sharing it with us.

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