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Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

Issue 3 is out today – and it looks good. I hope you will enjoy it.

Please do add it to your Journals so that we can get as much publicity as possible for all the art and writing that is featured. Also please feel able to add it to your blogs and websites. The more exposure we get – the better.

If you want to do this, you will need to copy the front cover image from here by right clicking and ‘copy image location’. Set this between two !! on your home page. Follow the !! with a colon: and paste in this url immediately afterward.
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This is very simple, all you have to do is give your Email address and a password. The company does not send spam, nor does it pass your address to others.

To download the PDF go to the Download Arrow which you will find at the top right hand of the screen.

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Skip this page and it is here that you will be asked for your Email address and password. Once you have done this you can download the file. There is no charge for this.

Anna and VenusOak

RosaCobos RosaCobos 332 posts

Dear Anna…..Kira…..
I cannnot but tell you how really splendid is the magazine. How honored and proud I am to belong to this group os amazing artists…and of course to be featured and share my thoughts and works in this month.
The fact that I know almost any artist and have commented lengthly on their art increseases my sense of pride and joy. I see that when synergy occurs it is for something..gluing the souls to where they can reinforce the individual, in order to make it stronger.
This world of “feminism” for me is strange…I feel the Polarity of the Tao in my core and then, it is making it more difficult to make myself beligerante in an extroverted way to some inner reactions of the “so called feminism” against the men. I know that it is not that. And where the soul of the women are shinning is in their capabilities for what many consider a manly virtue…nonsense….!!!! a matter of grey cells, of evolutive determinism of a species, our human one, that has no any purpose but to dance the Life and propose different rythms, any time, either in security obtaining feelings or chaotic disasters that break our confidence in our ability to be Human.
I feel amazed with your effort to edit this magazine. To consider each have the delicacy of follow so closesly our postings, words and souls. I find that you , Anna, give calmness and a profound and sincere companionship.I appreciate your work, your art and your presence and generosity.
Receive from myself, you Anna…and Kira for her bright and efficient understanding and love…my warmest and affectionate hugs.

salena salena 75 posts

Dear Anna and Kira! I’m so happy to be in this great magazine with my paintings a great honour! I will read this fantastic magazine today!!

abefleur abefleur 111 posts

I have just had a brief look Anna and it is such an inspirational magazine .. you can see how much love and effort has gone into it .. the art is truly breathtaking .. I shall definitely be going back to read more. Such a fascinating question posed too. I used to teach in adult education … a women’s group .. we studied women’s war writing and women’s travel writing .. we always started the course off with the question .. “so what is feminism and what does it mean to you?” .. we had great responses as you can imagine .. the age range was between 30 and 85 .. I think the 85 year old was the staunches .. probably because a lot of the ‘younger’ ones, like myself, took it for granted.
Anyway, congrats to everyone in it .. this has to be the best group on rb :)

anaisanais anaisanais 433 posts

I’m too happy..thanks with all my heart and all my soul..i’m sincerly grate and honored..thanks

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

Congratulations Anna – and Kira and Venus!!!
Another superb publication – and I’ll put it here for public consumption – that I was just showing the magazine to my partner (who is an academic), and his first comment was that – “o great – they’ve made it look like a real magazine! So many on-line publications don’t do that and they just end up being hopeless”…..
By the end of the magazine, he had repeatedly commented on what interesting and compelling art was published, and how well-put together and interesting the whole magazine was!!!
Looks like you have got yourselves at least one male regular reader now too ;)))

Thank you for including some of my brief forum contributions – and most especially for featuring my artwork!

This is the most amazing group to be a part of on the whole of RB!!! It stands for so much more than ‘art’ of itself – and really – if we truly ask ourselves – ART should be about making a critical and demanding statement about the society we live in – and the Pink Panther Magazine allows it’s members to do so on an issue central to everyone the whole world over :D

Kallena xxx

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

You are all so fabulous. I do feel really proud of the magazine, but even more proud of our fantastic artists and writers.

It is always a dilemma which art to put in the magazine – as the choices are so wide. I just have to keep telling myself that there is plenty of time – and remind myself that in a monthly mag we can cover so many different artists in a year.

Several of you mentioned Kira, – sadly she is no longer hosting here.

Kallena – my husband loves it too. I am so pleased that your husband likes it as well. We need to get the message across, not just to women, but to men also.

I am so excited!!

helene ruiz helene ruiz 2942 posts

WOW! Thx so much you guys!!! What great news to wake up to! XOX I feel so honored!
A big congrats to all the artists in this issue!
Thnx Thnx Thnx…..just cant say it enough!

Lorraine Creagh Lorraine Creagh 5206 posts

What a wonderful edition. I’ve read a couple of the articles and look forward to finishing. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ladies that have contributed. Thanks to the wonderful ladies that have put this magazine together. Another thanks for featuring my work this month. I feel so honoured to see my work im the magazine.

One can never say thank you enough…….xxx

MagsWilliamson MagsWilliamson 26 posts

Oh what a fantastic magazine, full of amazing art and wonderful articles, congratulations! And thanks so much for featuring my “Light Lunch”, I’m so honoured to be part of it all! And I hope Sherri feels better soon x (PS I’ve added a link on my Facebook and will make a journal entry)

Had Design Had Design 2 posts

yes, really a great edition. I like all the surreal work so much! Thanks for publish some of my work too, it is just an honor to me! like it A LOOOOT! THANKS and greetings from berlin to all of you! (hanne adam)

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

OOOh – this is so good!!

missmoneypenny missmoneypenny 1739 posts

Another beautifully – and so professionally – produced magazine. An inspiration to all us ladies !!

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5560 posts

Anna, that magazine is just GORGEOUS!!! Packed full of wonderful images and writings to captivate. I can’t wait to read it cover to cover, but the general over view leaves me speechless. Thank you for including my story, I will be sure to share the rest with you soon.
I will also be back to comment on all of the wonderful artists featured. GREAT JOB!!!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

Aren’t we so lucky Elizabeth to have such amazing and wonderful artists and writers here.

Anaisanais asked if we could buy the mag. I so wish that were possible!!


MaggieSummers MaggieSummers 6 posts

Mr Buzzy thanks you all so very much – he is worn out with all the excitement and has retired to my bedside drawer to recuperate…
I thank you all for the honour and accolade! What an incredible issue! Loved it from cover to cover!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

I am still giggling at Mr Buzzy!!

AmandaHolmes AmandaHolmes 6 posts

Wow WOW !! AWESOME magazine…. AMAZING work and TALENT… Thank you so much for using one of my photo’s… I’m honored… Hugssss x

VenusOak VenusOak 630 posts

Mr Buzzy is worn out from the excitement? LOL….just like a real man…….

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

LOL Venus – At least you can switch Mr Buzzy off, and he doesn’t snore!!

Amanda – it is great to see you here.


DesignBakery DesignBakery 40 posts

WOW this is so AMAZING I love how you turn the pages :) So much fun!!
Reading this magazine is just…….sensational.
Wonderful work all round!!
Thank you for offering such a beautiful magazine for us all to read.

x Baker

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7361 posts

I have really enjoyed doing it. Thankyou so much.

AnnaAsche AnnaAsche 109 posts

What a fabulous magazine!!
I am just honored that my work is displayed between such splendid pages, so brilliant artworks and exquisite writings!
Thank you so much Anna!
And also lots of THANKS to all the fantastic ladies from the Pink Panther Magazine Group – Incredible edition!

deborah brandon deborah brandon 250 posts

WOW Anna & VenusOak Congrats on another brilliant magazine – I was just heading off to bed ( have work in the morn ) & saw the release of the latest addition – I am heading off to read it now – sleep can wait – this is such an amazing magazine !!! The artwork is brilliant & articles look so intriguing !!! Was thrilled to see the image of my beautiful Mum appear in the Magazine again – Mum is SO thrilled with the support from the Community – this wonderful group has been supportive with this sensitive & emotional issue – really do appreciate everyone that has taken the time to to show support & share their stories.
Happy Mothers Day to all of you fabulous Mothers – Love deb xx

Anji Johnston Anji Johnston 34 posts

Anna – this is such an amazing magazine! Every page is so visually rich and your articles and featured artists spots are a delight to read. I just wish I could afford the printer ink to print a hard copy! Thank you from my heart for featuring one of my works again. It is an absolute honour to be part of the Pink Panther family. Keep rocking ladies!!!

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