Pink Panther Magazine--Feminist Art & Writing

A women's group, celebrating feminist art and writing

Recent Work

  • United Front by Alexandra Melander
  • I thought maybe if I was loyal, if I waited, you would be back someday by strawberries
  • You struck my face from your memory, and forgot that I loved your darkness most by strawberries
  • Holiday Headache by RobynLee
  • You have become too comfortable in your arrogance; you can do better than that by strawberries
  • Le Jazz Hot! by RobynLee
  • I would be lying if I ever said I didn't love you by strawberries
  • A delicate strand of fairy lights by strawberries
  • And she felt his absence so keenly, she wasn't sure if she was waiting for him or for the feelings to fade by strawberries
  • On the Other Side of Blooming by Jennifer Rhoades
  • The last journey of a summer flower by strawberries
  • jug and bowl  by jackpoint23

About This Group

✦ The group is for women and will celebrate all art and writing that reflects women’s issues in our current environment. We want it to be both stimulating and fun.
✦ This is a group for WOMEN ONLY.
✦ Culture and art will be fundamental to our success.
✦ The forums will work actively to promote these issues.

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