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You must use the pen tool to create an aspect of the design.

Recent Work

  • Not Today Sad Robot by fizzgig
  • Lucky CLOVER 01b by Slanapotam
  • Heart examinating a brain with a stethoscope by Zoo-co
  • It Wasn't Me by Patricia Howitt
  • Psycho Sack Monkey with Text by fizzgig
  • Mountain Climber Reaching the Peak - Colorful Landscape by bicone
  • Boat Fishing at Night on the Mountain Lake by bicone
  • Camping Tent in the Colorful Forest by bicone
  • Alien in dots by portokalis
  • Vegetarian Creature by portokalis
  • Trio In Space by Patricia Howitt
  • Alien by portokalis

About This Group

Vector fans unite, Pen Tool devotees celebrate!
This group is all about the sometimes tricky, always awesome Pen Tool!

A Pen Tool creates solid lines made up of Points, Node Handles, Paths, Béziers. NOT BRUSH TOOL The Pen Tool!! He looks like this….

A Bézier curve is a curved line or path defined by mathematical equations. It was named after Pierre Bézier, a French mathematician and engineer who developed this method of computer drawing in the late 1960s.

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