Photos, Critiques, You Name It.

Basically anything you can think of, it belongs in this group, we strive to support the people of RedBubble and help them with any means necessary.

Recent Work

  • I love you by Heather King
  • How Dare You  by Heather King
  • Immersion by Ben Loveday
  • Low key delivery by Heather King
  • Under her watchful eye by Heather King
  • Gaia's Tears by Ben Loveday
  • The Calm by Roxanne du Preez
  • MODERN COLOSSEUM  by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Sublime  by Heather King
  • THE EYE BEHIND THE CURTAIN. by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Dreaming Dreams by Ben Loveday
  • Teaching her to show her stuff by Heather King

About This Group

So, basically, we’re here to help, your opinions are important to us, we want you to get noticed, that’s the main idea of this group, to get you noticed and to help make you a better, more seasoned photographer.

We provide a entire forum dedicated to critiques, where you can post your work for evaluation, we’ll tell you what we think of your work, and offer you some constructive criticism.

Features will be done once a week, as we like to keep the site up to date and challenged will be run as often as possible, and we’re always open for suggestions for themes.

Basically, enjoy yourself in our group, and welcome.

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