Photo Manipulators

Group Rules:

Group Vision

• To provide an inclusive group for people to interact with like minded creatives within the RedBubble community.

• To be a hub of creative activity providing regular tutorials, interviews, solicited critiques, & active forums.

• To serve as a portal for new & existing members interested in Photomanipulation, to discover other groups of the genre within redbubble, by means of links & active promotion of other groups.

Host Commitment

• The Photomanipulation group Hosts commit to :

• Greet new members in the group forum and offer assistance to help them understand how the group operates.

• Run challenges.

• Rotating the feature gallery on a regular basis.

• Moderating image submissions on a regular basis when necessary.

• Actively promoting forum discussion.

• Offer helpful solicited critique of images in a Forum situation when requested.

• Feature RedBubble Artists on the overview page & by interview in the Forums.

• Vouchers to the value of USD20 will be awarded for various achievements within the group.

Group Rules

• Unlimited total number of images are acceptable in the group with a daily limit of 2 (24 hr period)

• Photographic Images must have been manipulated in some way.
(Basic curves, levels, colour adjustments are not considered Photomanipulation.)
For a more detailed description, please view the Definition of Photomanipulation.

• For the purposes of this group, Texture overlays, added Grunge effects, added Vintage Effects, Photomontages, Orton effects, significant HDR Tonemapping, single shot HDR with significant Tonemapping, selective coloring & Cross-processing will be considered photomanipulation.

• Think of it like this : If you begin with a straight photograph, then alter it significantly by using photographs within the work, it’s a manipulation.

• All subjects will be accepted into the group.

• Work needs to be photographic. No fractals, paintings : digital or traditional, or drawings please. There are other groups for these works.

• Please describe briefly what processing was done to arrive at your image.

• Please include the word “photomanipulation” in your images description.

• Journals will only be accepted if they are discussing photomanipulation.

• By joining this group you are giving permission for the hosts to use images you submit to the group for promotional purposes within the group ie challenges, newsletters etc. Full credit will always be given to the artist.

• We do have rules and guidelines in this group. If however, we find a member breaching those rules and guidelines we reserve the right to remove that member from the group without consultation. This is something that we aren’t happy doing, so please read the rules regarding the the uploading of images.