Photography Fun

Group Rules:

Group Vision

This group has been created to be a multipurpose, all inclusive group. We would like this group to be a bustling area of activity in the world of RedBubble with lots of challenges, tutorials, guest speakers, critique, general help, rocking forums…all in all, somewhere that members can go to visit and know that there is always going to be something happening.

This group will also act as a gateway for both new and existing members, to many of our more specialized groups that fall under the broad category of Photography.

It’s about being all inclusive and not exclusive… in fact the only exclusive thing about this group is that it is for Photography only. For all of your other artistic whims, we can suggest getting clicky with your fingers and checking out the following Groups as a starting point.

Host Commitment

Photography Fun hosts commit to:

  • Greeting new members and offer assistance to help them understand how the group operates.
  • Encouraging member activity within the group.
  • Gathering Feedback and Suggestions from the members where we will respond and endeavour to take action where possible.
  • Organizing regular Challenges. New challenges will be launched regularly. Outcomes will be advised of each challenge. Times and lengths of each challenge will be varied, to create FUN!
  • Creating and promoting interesting and informative Forum Discussion
  • Updating the Featured Art gallery on a monthly basis, at present.
  • Featuring a different Artist and their work occasionally.
  • Reward active Members within the Group. To be advised
  • Publish a monthly newsletter for members. To Be Advised.

Group Rules

This group will be ONLY accepting UNMANIPULATED photographic work
You can still participate in the FORUMS here, even if your work is not suited to this gallery!
The more the merrier! We are here to have fun, meet new people, and to learn new stuff!
A more detailed explanation is below…

  • General techniques such as basic curves, levels, colour adjustments in post processing of the image is allowed.
  • We will not be excepting examples of images that predominantly display characteristics of Photo Manipulation. Was there an alien in the photo when you took it? Did the sky really have a canvas texture on it?
  • For the purposes of this group, predominant use of Texture overlays, Grunge effects & Vintage effects or Photomontages & Collages will be considered Photo Manipulation. Single shots run through a computer programme to imitate Photographic Techniques will also be considered Photo Manipulation. If the image basically looks like when you took it, then it is considered to be NOT manipulated.
  • For the purpose of this group, traditional methods of non excessive HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography and Orton Photography will be accepted. Please ensure that you include full details of all exposures used in your details for us to be able to accept the image. This is VERY important.

Please try to keep your work as varied and non-repetitive as possible to really showcase a broad spectrum of your portfolio. Repetitive images are likely to be removed from the Group at the hosts discretion.

The group’s maximum number of submissions has been currently set at TEN photographs. This may change and you will be advised by group message (unless it is only a temporary measure) if and when this occurs. There is a 2 per day limit.

We also encourage members to regularly change their submissions to the group by removing older work to make room for the new. For one thing, this will keep the group looking fresh and exciting, but better than that it will showcase even more of your gorgeous work.

Please ensure any relevant works are marked with the Not Safe for Workplace filter.

Please play nice – don’t forget RedBubble Etiquette

Redbubble and this group exist for you to exhibit your best creative work – please only upload the work that you are proud of.