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November 2018
November 16th
5 Things Every Landscape Photographer Should Have In Their Bag
November 14th
Filters for Landscape Photography – My Essential Guide

October 2018
October 27th Fixing Wide Angle Distortion In Lightroom & PS for Landscapes

October 13th Clouds

September 2018
September 26th Manual Exposure & Manual Focus

September 12th Cloud with Mountain Scenes Don’t miss this one!

September 6th Seascape Sunrise Video

August 2018

August 1st Wonderful video with a bonus *underwater video included.*

July 2018 Video’s below

July 28th Information on Histogram’s

July 21st Landscape Photography – Where do I Focus?

June 16th New Video About Equipment

June 13th New Landscape Photography, with a surprise!

June 6th Landscapes and Bridges

May 26th Cityscape Photography City of Valencia Spain

May 19th Landscape Photography Beautiful waterfall & panoramic view.

May 18th Tripods for Landscape Photography – Pros and Cons

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