Photography 101

A place for new photographers to come and learn more about the art of photography and those more experienced to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Recent Work

  • The Oarsman by Xandru
  • Purple Flowers by Doug Greenwald
  • Sundown Serenity by Jola Martysz
  • Point Cartwright by Josh Gudde
  • Moisture by John Schneider
  • Rear Deck by John Schneider
  • Thames Sunrise: London. by DonDavisUK
  • Jax the Cattle Dog by SamTheCowdog
  • It's Over by Jola Martysz
  • Rich Palette  by Joy Watson
  • Mt Magazine Falls by Chris Ferrell
  • Clivia by Jessica Loftus

About This Group

A place for new photographers to come and learn more about the art of photography. It is also a group where more experienced photographers can share their tips, experiences and knowledge, to help build up the skills and techniques of others

We offer several different forums designed to help you further your abilities in photography and to assist in your meeting other photographers for advice, support, and friendship.

We also host challenges based on specific photography aspects to get you using the integral part of the art that you are learning.

This group asks for you to participate in the forums and challenges. We want to learn from you as you learn from us!

Main Group Hosts:
Jim Filmer
Craig Fletcher


Jim Filmer
Craig Fletcher

Forum Index:

  1. Messages from your Hosts
  2. Photography 101 Forum A place to meet the other members, chat about daily life, play a few games, etc. Very laid back and focusing on personal relationships with other photographers and fun rather than photography techniques.
  3. How do you do that? A place to ask any question you would like regarding photography.
  4. How am I doing? A forum for you to post works that you would like critiqued by fellow members. They will offer constructive and insightful criticisms and advice to help you better your craft. Also, forum moderator, JimFilmer posts random photos daily for the group to critique. You may sign-up for this here if you would like your photos to be posted randomly for critique.
  5. Tutorials A place to find step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a certain photography technique. You are welcome to post your own tutorial on any aspect of photography here as well.

See the group rules and join this group here