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A Guide to Submitting works to Photographers of RedBubble

Puggs Puggs 281 posts

The following is a guide to submitting works to the group, these are not hard and fast rules, but will make it easier on you the members and your hosts.

1. Submitting a lot of simular or of the same thing all at once will get only the best 1 or 2 accepted and the rest will be rejected. If you have a lot of the same thing just submit the best or if you can’t decided then submit them over a number of days. No one really wants to see the same thing at once.

2. Poor depth of field used. This is where you main subject is not fully in focus. As an example the front tips of petals of the main subject is in focus but the rest is not, get the whole thing in focus please.

3. Partial Subject. Try to get the whole subject in the picture. with the exception is macro or extreme close ups. We really are not into guessing games about a subject.

4. Poorly framed or cropped images. Examples, a group of animals where you don’t have all in frame and cut some in half. Concentrate on a few of them and crop in close or get the whole lot in.

I hope this will help you understand what the hosts want for the group, we want to make it fair for all, with nearly 350 members and 2600+ works this group is on the large scale. It seems that of late only 10-20 people are actually submitting the bulk of the works.


PS. I have also relaxed to rule on no text to allow for Copyright and/or artist name

Terence Russell Terence Russell 255 posts

Cool. I hate bad photography and agree that too much of a good thing is not good.

InPort InPort 2939 posts

G’day PUGGS!

Always good to see a Captain run a tight ship.
1. Agree wholeheartedly.
2. There are such things as ‘Selective Focus’ and ‘Use of Depth of Field’ used by the more creative photographers so I suggest you look very closely at the photographer’s intent before rejecting such wotk out of hand.
3. Creative cropping is also a good tool for building tension and/or directing the eye to enhance an image so much care should also be made here when vetting.
4. Agree wholeheartedly. Avoidable amputations, (along with unwanted intrusions), are signs of poor photography.
Remember that we don’t want to restrict any photographer’s creativity so I strongly suggest that prior to any rejection you must decide if you think the reason for the ‘rule breaking’ is due to artistic intent or simply bad photography.


Puggs Puggs 281 posts

Hi Dennis

Thanks, I try to be even with the rules, but the truth is that in the opinion of the moderator at the time is “does it work or doesn’t it”.

So if it enhances the picture and makes it interesting or appealing then it gets in, if it doesn’t, then…

I have had some flowers where the very tips of the petals closes to the lens were in focus, but nothing else was, then other ones that had most of the flower in focus (mostly ok), then we get the ones were just the parts that have the pollen on them in focus (those would be ok). It also depends on what else is around them at the time.

We are getting a lot of Snow and Flower pictures at the moment. So members that submit the same type of works are competing with others and only the very best will be chosen.

If you get a response like the following 2, then basically it means wait a bit and resubmit or for the latter one have a subjective look at the shot and see what changes can be made within the rules and then try again. It could be as simple as fixing a tilt, cropping that stray head out or fixing the exposure.

We think it’s very similar to a number of other works you’ve submitted to the group. Sometimes a series can work well, but in this case, we prefer images in the group to stand alone as unique works.

We think elements of it could be improved. These may be issues with composition or framing, excessive noise or soft focus, or excessive post-production. However, we encourage you to contribute other work to the group.


MDavisClarke MDavisClarke 2 posts

Im new to the group and Im trying to figure out how to submit some of my work to the group. Is there a section within the group, that I can submit my work in?

M Davis Clarke

Puggs Puggs 281 posts

Hi Davis

go to your Art then edit which ones you want to add, on the edit page there is a Add work to Groups link and click it. A list of groups will be show and you can tick the ones you want add it to (Remember to follow group rules). Save it and then it will be added once it is approved.


MichelPhoto53 MichelPhoto53 23 posts

Hi Puggs !
I am also new in the group and probably doing thing the wrong way ?
I am trying to figure -out how it working this digital world ?

i saying this because lately i am submitting some of my work in my groupes and not seing any of my photos.

Michel Villeneuve

Dee Belanger Dee Belanger 4 posts

I will also get the hang of this “submitting photos”thing, eventually! I want to do something, I seem to have seen this one too late.
Dee Belanger

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