Zen photography ~ LIMIT 2 PER DAY PLEASE

Group Rules:

Make absolutely certain you read the group guidelines prior to requesting membership in our growing group, I believe that a review of the guidelines is appropriate in order to keep the focus of the group true. So here are the most current guidelines for Zen Photography for your review…

Images will be accepted if they meet the following criteria:

- Photographic work only – no art or heavily manipulated images.
- Work should be simple, elegant, contemplative and well composed.
- Images should aim to reflect the Zen idea of the larger whole being represented by a simple form of expression.
- Discrete signature is ok.
- No portraits of people. in fact, no people at all…period.
- Absolutely no animals an image at all.
- No t-shirts, iPhone or other cases…I will only accept images that display the ‘*image only*’ default choice for public display. All others will be rejected. This group emphasizes art before product.
- No digital mirror effects.
- No montage.
- Textures, vintage and HDR are accepted so long as the image is recognizable as a photograph.
- Macro MAY be accepted if the image represents a zen mood. Host judgement is final here.
- Multiple versions or variation of the same image will be rejected.
- Absolutely no images accepted if the mature audience filter is ON. This is a family friendly group so keep it ‘G’ rated please.
- Quality please*. rejection by the host is final so please don’t contact the host to complain or to make an appeal. Resubmissions of rejected images will result in removal from the group.
- Out of focus images, horizons that are not level (exceptions for hills or mountains may be made) or simply unappealing images (e.g.: snapshots) will be rejected.
- There is a limit of two (2) images per day. Any more will be rejected at the discretion of the host.

Please…Please…Please!!! Post only what you consider your best most enlightening or contempaltive images to the group. Curating images for inclusion in the group is the job of the host. The task of moderation belongs to the host alone and his judgement is, I’m afraid, quite final. Rejection of images is never personal; it is based solely on the image and whether or not it is appropriate for the group or that it meets the group’s guidelines. The focus of Zen Photography is quite narrow. The group is not a dumping ground for any and all images, rather, it is a place for images which represent the Zen of the moment, about the enlightenment of doing the next right thing, of focus on quietude and simplicity.

I think the images that have been selected within the group are all strong images that strive towards the very difficult concept of simplicity; of honoring the moment of the ‘right now.’ Please, before submitting work, take some time to review the group artwork and then sit in a field for an hour contemplating your navel! :-)