Group Rules:

3-5 Images per Day.

The vehicle(s) in each image MUST be the main focus of each image.

Vehicles may be new, old, drivable, broken, or lying in pieces, but it MUST BE A VEHICLE

Vehicles which will be accepted are: cars, trucks (lorries), vans, buses, work vehicles, motorcycles, speed-boats and the like.

NO farm vehicles.
NO trains.
NO planes.
NO ships.
NO bicycles.
NO toys. A toy car wouldn’t fare well on a highway.
NO words or signatures on photos!

We will accept speedboats and jetboats

Soliciting votes in challenges will not be accepted in this group.

Hosts reserve the right to use Any Image submitted to this Group for promotions and/or Challenges.

Hosts reserve the right to accept or deny any image submitted to this Group based on Group Rules, Guidelines, and personal preferences.

Anyone not complying with Group Rules shall be quietly removed from this Group by we, the Hosts, without fanfare.

RedBubble Rules apply to ALL happenings within this space.