People Photography (NO SNAPSHOTS! YOUR BEST WORK ONLY, One a Day)

People photography

Recent Work

  • Sea listens to her... by Sajeev C Pillai
  • And I love her by madworld
  • GIRLS..JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN~ by RoseMarie747
  • Seen it before, if seeing is believing by strawberries
  • Oh say can you see. by connie3107
  • YeeeHaaa  by viki-yoyo
  • Will pose for cash... by Andy James
  • Book sellers on the Rhone by Alexander Meysztowicz-Howen
  • Untitled by photographist
  • Miss Raven by BlackSunshine
  • Sun Kissed by dcdigital
  • On the beach by MWhitham

About This Group

This group is for those that love to photograph people. However, please upload only your very very best artistic and well considered quality work, this group is not a dumpster for just any ol’ image of a person or people, or images which happen to have people in it!
We are looking for images that are very well presented and clearly display they have been thought through and composed.

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