Group Rules:

This Group will only allow Artwork and Clothing…for the present
time, we are not accepting written work…all artwork must depict Peace
Love & Tranquility…this will be a multi-cultural group exchanging
thoughts, dreams, hopes and desires for Peace, Love & Tranquility
of all people in the hopes of there one day being a unity amongst
all people. We will accept photographs, artwork, sketches and all other
forms of artwork. Nudes must be done in good taste.

Challenges must have at least 11 entries or will be cancelled.

If objectionable work or comments are submitted to this group, the hosts have the right to terminate the membership of any person in this group.

We reserve the right to use any image as a banner or to represent challenges.

Welcome to Peace, Love & Tranquility! Our group has many, many challenges each week. Take a look at those, plus, we have a
-Pick of the Day Image
-Image of the Month
-Image of the Year

We look forward to your submissions!