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Group Rules:

There are no restrictions on how much art, writing or journal entries you provide.

This is a place that you are free to explore your creativity in a supportive enviornment..

Normal RedBubble rules apply: have fun, critique with respect and play nicely!

Here’s the story on the RedBubble Vibe directly from our founders:

People are inherently creative. Deep down, most of us love to come up with new ideas, express who we are, or take a different perspective on the world around us. We see this in children. Remember chalk on the footpath, crayon on the walls, or a painting stuck proudly to the fridge with a magnet. Kids love stories, they love learning about new things, they ask obvious yet somehow overlooked questions.

So why do so many of us lose this spark? Is there something about growing up that leads us to become wary of our creativity? Do we lose the creative ability? Or does it just get buried amidst the responsibilities, worries and priorities of adult life?

Whatever the reason, RedBubble was founded with a burning desire to bring creative expression back to the forefront of our lives. The desire to nurture and encourage creativity permeates RedBubble – including the atmosphere and culture of the community.

We’re firmly of the view that the best way to encourage creative exploration and expression is through positive reinforcement. A supportive and encouraging community can do wonderful things for someone who’s taking their first creative steps after a long hiatus. Or for someone trying out a new technique. Or for someone who’s shy with their work.

RedBubble is also a place to be inspired, meet like minded folks, exchange ideas, learn, make friends and more. But the foundation of the community is it’s supportive and encouraging nature.

And as you start, or continue, on you RedBubble journey please keep this in mind.

Paul, Martin and Peter
RedBubble Founders