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Anmals Only!!! 2 PER DAY....

Recent Work

  • "Jump" whimsical watercolor cat portrait by Sandra Connelly
  • Spider web by Robert Ordonez
  • That face! by Robert Ordonez
  • The good life by Robert Ordonez
  • Sassy Cat by Cynthia48
  • Budgies everywhere by JaneaKJ
  • Freedom by JaneaKJ
  • Owl on dreamcatcher by AnnArtshock
  • Dino's Portrait ~ Boxer Dog Series by Evita
  • Pile Of Puppies by L.D. Franklin
  • Sleeping Cat with Flowers Papercut by Nic Squirrell
  • Archer the Relaxed cat by Sandra Willis

About This Group

This is a place you can come to showcase your images of Any Creature that has Paws & Claws It is a group where you can come and have fun with us at the same time, showcase your images and stories and still promote your work. Please submit only your best work. ABSOLUTELY NO SNAP SHOTS Please look at your image for a moment before downloading it to the group and if it will not sell as a card than you should not add it to the group.

Poor Quality images or Snap Shots will be removed!

_ We reserve the right to use your image for a group challenge_

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