As the title suggests, this is a group to display all your Paris related art.


  • French Kiss - Paris by Norman Repacholi
  • Matrix by cclaude
  • Glass and Water by cclaude
  • Prime position - Paris France by Norman Repacholi
  • Hotel de Soubise by cclaude
  • Perpendicular Perspective - Paris France by Norman Repacholi
  • Habitat by cclaude
  • Rib Vault by cclaude
  • A kiss by the fountain by cclaude
  • Watching over the Window by cclaude
  • Rooftop by cclaude
  • Table for Two by cclaude
  • Little Red Dress by cclaude
  • Arm in arm - Paris, France by Norman Repacholi
  • Harmony by phil decocco
  • Une Valentine Parisienne by Sarah Vernon
  • Glass and Tile by cclaude
  • Into the Future by cclaude