As the title suggests, this is a group to display all your Paris related art.


  • chapel at Versailles, Paris by chord0
  • La Defense by Ashley Ng
  • Uprising by number7dream
  • Alberto Contador by photobymdavey
  • Eiffel Tower at Night by photobymdavey
  • Early morning service at Notre Dame by George Swann
  • Bikes for hire by George Swann
  • Sacre Coeur Paris by Beth A
  • Paris, France by John  Cuthbertson |
  • Man with Guitar, Paris by John  Cuthbertson |
  • the seine by Jan Stead JEMproductions
  • looking up by Jan Stead JEMproductions
  • the eiffel tower   by Jan Stead JEMproductions
  • eiffel tower I by Jan Stead JEMproductions
  • Artist At Work by Tom  Reynen
  • Notre Dame  by Tom  Reynen
  • Eiffel Tower in the Spring by Tom  Reynen
  • Gare de l'Est by Edmund Edwards