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Any weird, creepy or just unexplainable photos? True stories and encounters? This is the place!

About This Group

Please no brushes or paintings unless they actually show spiritual energy outside of the painting, we want real captures if you don’t have a real capture please don’t post to our group. You may tell your story of what you witnessed in a journal.

Hey all you paranormal groupies out there…Or anyone who has taken a photo and didn’t know what to think of it. This is the place for you!

This is the group to share your unusual photos and real stories without fearing that others will think you are strange. Also, we are all here to give and receive comments from others who have experienced the same types of things.

We intend on keeping this forum REAL, as it was originally intended.
Please submit original photos (they may be cropped, lightened etc..) AND real writings of personal experiences.

We believe that this group will help you understand more that you are not alone both in this world and beyond.

If you are wondering what make something “Paranormal” or want to join the discussion of what is “Paranormal Phenomenon”, then visit our forums!

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Our challenge winner is Tanya Keefe

#Tanya Keefe won the challenge with the image called A Trick of the Light? #2: Santa’s Shadow

Please stop by and congratulate Tanya Keefe on the win! :0)

Please be advised only those that win in the challenges will appear as a featured member, thank you in advance for your understanding

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