Traditional Painters In Modern Times - TWO PER DAY

Painters in Modern Times is a group which endeavours to showcase the best of our hand painted works. - *Two per day*


  • Série noire 03 by Chehade
  • Costa Rica Heat by Randy Sprout
  • Fort Bridger by Amy-Elyse Neer
  • Kite Flight by Leigh Hutfield
  • Catius Maximus and the little Blue Bird  by Kayleigh Walmsley
  • Fairy by Evgeniya Sharp
  • Black & White Nude no. 2 by Lisafrancesjudd
  • Black & White Nude no. 1 by Lisafrancesjudd
  • climbing over lll by emel
  • climbing over ll by emel
  • Snowy White Owl~Relief wood carving, painted with acrylics (11x17) by Elaine Bawden
  • Edges by Ellen McNair
  • Daffodil time by © Pauline Wherrell
  • Contemplation by © Pauline Wherrell
  • Norwegian fiord by Kostas Koutsoukanidis
  • Moonlight by Kostas Koutsoukanidis
  • Old Pot by Kostas Koutsoukanidis
  • Amaryllis by Kostas Koutsoukanidis