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NEW! Painted Ladies Star Artist Featurette!

stephanie allison stephanie allison 173 posts

The Painted Ladies Group has been in existence for almost an entire year!! Well…still a few weeks from it, but I’ve decided to start this special star artist featurette today! I’m calling it a featurette, because your work will fill the entire 12 feature slots for the day. I feel that this is a great way to showcase the artists who participate and contribute the most to the painted ladies group, and bring attention to your wonderful artwork ♥

about once a week, (i’m going to try for every wednesday) i will be featuring one artist’s work as a special thank you… this will be a weekly artist that i feel best embodies the following…

*Challenge Participation
*Total number of works in the group
*Must have at least 12 works in the group for the feature
*Is your artwork well photographed?
meaning… is your painting/drawing photographed clear, cropped well, not lopsided, no glare, etc…
*Subject Matter..(ie..how well your work fits the group description)
*Shows Passion and Creativity in your artwork

here is the feature banner

**You will be a featured artist for the day along with the current featured artists who placed in the avatar challenge.

I’m not sure how long I will be doing this for, I will see how it goes and how hard it is for me to search through the hundreds of pages to find 12 of your works!!


sandygrafik sandygrafik 154 posts

Great idea! Nice way to encourage and support Painted Ladies members!!
Best wishes,

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3154 posts

I like the idea too Steph. Just see how it goes and if it gets too much, we will understand! ‘Hosting’ can be VERY time consuming, and you do have a life!!! LOL!

romykelly romykelly 1 post

I don’t think I have been here long enough to complete this challenge, but do want to wish those lucky future winners, a early congrats!
Your work is amazing, inspirational and quite a treat to see!

Romy :)

redqueenself redqueenself 139 posts

oh My God! That’s my work! I’m boggled!

© Karin Taylor © Karin Taylor 3780 posts

Thank you so much for featuring me this week….I so honoured and grateful! :)

verdigrisroseR verdigrisroseR 1 post

What a lovely idea, giving us all a good reason to tune in and see who is featured and what they do!…xx

KimTurner KimTurner 27 posts

Steph!! Thanks so much for the feature! That is so fabulous of you, and like Karin said, am also honoured and grateful! MWAH XX
It’s also sort of weird looking at them all on one page, I really gotta do some dark works and ban the blonde for a bit haha!

Mark  Bell Mark Bell 1 post

OOOh I definately need to upload more images – I’m new to redbubble and you’re the first group I’ve joined! Mark :-)