* Painted Ladies * [no photography or edited photography]

For painted, drawn, and digitally painted artwork of ladies [no photography or edited photography]

Recent Work

  • Night Of Jazz Spotlight 7 by Mandell Maull
  • My, oh, my by Kagara
  • chamelion by TheBrit
  • Dreaming by Kagara
  • Daughter by XIthLion
  • White Bathrobe by Ashley Huston
  • In Bloom by brett66
  • untitled by Ronan Crowley
  • Divine Body by Jennifer Lothrigel
  • untitled by Ronan Crowley
  • Lost in a Video Game by Alicia Hollinger
  • White rose [but dress was red] by Kagara

About This Group

This group is for artists who enjoy painting ladies of all shapes, sizes and styles. They can be realism, surrealism, fantasy, dreamy, fairies, mermaids, queens, maidens, etc…

The ladies can be painted by using: acrylics, oils, watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, photoshop painter…etc…

*Photography is not accepted * Please watch your submissions on edited photography! I’ve been getting alot of those. And they really don’t count as digitally painted because they started as a photo. If you have any questions or you aren’t sure what to submit, just send a bubblemail to StephAllison.

The main requirement is that the artwork MUST have a lady in it, and by lady i mean…female, woman, girl, grandmother, etc…

This group is not for painted lady butterflys, or lady bugs. but you can include them in your artwork along with a female! If the artwork is really really abstract it will most likely not be accepted. There are many groups for abstract artworks, and this group is to show off the beauty, strength, and femininity that the female form has. Please don’t make us reject your artwork because it doesn’t have a female in it! I hate to have to do that to you guys!

**Collage work is accepted as long as the pieces do not come from a photo, magazine, etc. I just don’t want to see you cut out a painting that somebody else did of a lady and glue it onto a landscape photo from a magazine…simple as that!

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