Outrageously Younique (not accepting submissions briefly)

We are looking for truly new styles of artwork, not just outstanding work, but are aiming to collect works that have groundbreaking styles & are not representational of styles that look heavily influenced by other artists or genres.

Recent Work

  • Feeling Blue by TheBrit
  • What Do Dogs Dream?  by Rhonda Strickland
  • Tulip Garden by rocamiadesign
  • Screwed Screw by Chris Cardwell
  • Melusine II by Lynnette Shelley
  • In the cool cool cool of the morning..That's when I'm coming home..Stayed awake all night by jammingene
  • Broca's Brain by rocamiadesign
  • Supermoon 19/3/11 and coloured orb by © Pauline Wherrell
  • Sunset by David's Photoshop
  • When the day is over....The witches are hunting....Your soul and your blood..And if you can't escape..They take all that you've got...Burning the witches by jammingene
  • No smoke... by Chris Cardwell

About This Group

If you are an artist that does not necessarily fit into a certain genre or style, and has work that wows us, this is the place for you.

There are many talented artists out there that have amazing work, but we want to see new styles that possibly may not be classified under any genre or label, although a unique take on a certain genre may be exactly what we are looking for. We want to see work that is of high quality & comes straight from your mind’s eye!

We suggest that our members are willing to participate in receiving constructive tips, as this will only help the quality of your work improve…however, anyone who does not desire constructive criticism or any negative commenting, will not be subjected to it! Our aim is to point out good qualities and give tips to help you grow as an artist, and an individual. If you decide to participate in the critique, you will ask to specify this when you join.

Flowers, landscapes, insects, skylines, statues, monuments, buildings, pets, wildlife, and candids can all be amazing, but we want work from a fresh, UNIQUE point of view!

All mediums are accepted, and will all be treated in the same manner. We are looking for quality work from a very fresh or experimental point of view.

We love ALL forms of art, such as, paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, gauche, etc.),sketches (pencil, pen, charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolor pencil, markers, lipstick, etc.), drawings (markers, pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, combinations of these mediums, eyeliner, etc.),graphic design, 3-d images,fractals,photography (as is or altered by any digital program, hand, selective coloring, etc.), digital drawing, digital painting, and we absolutely LOVE mixed-media.

Journals & writing will not be allowed unless it is part of an image.

The key to being more successful in our group is to use your imagination & approach your work in the most unique way possible, while keeping a strong composition in mind.

Think WAY “outside the box”, push your boundaries & break out of your comfort zones.
Again, magnificent talent alone is not what we want this group to be about. We want off-the-wall, experimental, or really challenging ideas!

If you’d like to join the group, please contact your host, Lacey Scarbro



Emerge/Retreat by Tiznar
Winner of the group’s very first challenge!
Mixed-media/Phobia Challenge~ C-Grats!

Outrageously YOUnique is now officially linked to the group HARDCORE CHALLENGE !
This is a brand new group that is not officially in effect yet, due to lack of members.
HARDCORE CHALLENGE is a challenge based group, that ONLY deals with fresh ideas & challenges made *expressly for Outrageously YOUnique or HARDCORE CHALLENGE * !

Only challenge submissions will be accepted to HARDCORE CHALLENGE. Fresh ideas made expressly for HARDCORE CHALLENGE or, occasionally, Outrageously YOUnique will ONLY be accepted. NO FEATURED WORK or work made for any other group besides Outrageously YOUnique or HARDCORE CHALLENGE will EVER be considered into HARDCORE CHALLENGE .

HARDCORE CHALLENGE will be exactly that-hardcore. The rules MUST be followed strictly & without exception or work will be removed.

Before considering joining this group, which is “invite only” (by request only, please bmail Lacey Scarbro ), please read & re-read the rules VERY CAREFULLY. Inactive members will be subject to removal. All rules that apply to Outrageously YOUnique apply to HARDCORE CHALLENGE , unless there is a conflict of interest. If there is a conflict of interest, the rules automatically are overruled by the guidelines of HARDCORE CHALLENGE for HARDCORE CHALLENGE ONLY!

HARDCORE CHALLENGE is a unique, progressive, experimental group. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will traditional or artworks that are too heavily influenced by other genres that are recognizable by the host be accepted. Traditional mediums are welcomed, however, non-traditional media & even photographs of experimental reactions/ sets/ installations/ etc., would also be exceptional additions to the group.

Media must ALWAYS be at least briefly described in the side bar on the right side in the description area, or it won’t be accepted. If you have some secret medium that you don’t want disclosed you can list some of your mediums used & then write something along the lines of “…and other various chemicals.” If you use something that is toxic, please mention that it’s toxic material & that it needs to be used with a mask & in a properly ventilated area, etc…

Most challenges, if not all, will be voucher challenges.

Most, if not all challenges will be *conceptual. Not only will they be conceptual, they will have to be previously conceived conceptual work, not an afterthought! This also must be explained in the sidebar on the right description area of your work, or it will not be accepted !

LOOK FOR UPDATES…HARDCORE CHALLENGE is a brand new group as of 2-28-11

Thanks for your cooperation as the kinks are worked out as we go along…

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts