Otway National Park / Great Ocean Road

High Quality Photographs Only

Recent Work

  • 1873 Coastline Great Ocean Road by Hans Kawitzki
  • 1866 Driftwood by Hans Kawitzki
  • UK_Isle of Wight_Ryde_Appley Tower by Kay Cunningham
  • 1833 Fallen Giants by Hans Kawitzki
  • 1826 Fungi family by Hans Kawitzki
  • Towards Demons Bluff by Rick Knowles
  • 1823 Otway reflection by Hans Kawitzki
  • 1819 Twelve Apostles by Hans Kawitzki
  • 1818 Twelve Apostles by Hans Kawitzki
  • ANGLESEA BEACH by Rick Knowles
  • 1802 Triplet Falls by Hans Kawitzki

About This Group

This groups is dedicated to Photographs of the Great Ocean Road, from Torquay to Allansford including the Otway National Park. This is one of Victoria’s great scenic drives, also one of the most dangerous.

The Group contains the Highest Quality photographs relevant to this unique part of the world steeped in history and rich natural beauty.

We welcome the many passionate photographers who have a love for this amazing unique area to contribute to our group.

Septembers Features Best of the Month

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