Otters and Meerkats - Features 28/11/15

Group Rules:

Only works from the Mustelidae and Herpestidae families please…. check the list on the overview page of the basic names of the family members.

Please add at the very least:

  1. what overall species you are showing… if you know the exact species even better
  2. WHERE you took the photograph (London Zoo, Taronga, in the wild etc…)
  3. what medium you used (camera make/model or oil on canvas, pastel on paper, completely digital drawing or camera make with type of post processing used)

Additional information is up to you! :-)


  1. No animal cruelty to be displayed…
  2. Absolutely no Ermine/Mink FUR clothing. No no no… keep it on the living animal please!!
  3. HAVE FUN! :-)