Only the Mona-ly

This is THE dumping ground for modified Mona Lisa Art!

Recent Work

  • Mona by Andy Mercer
  • monalisa with eyes that watch the world and can't forget by titus toledo
  • Green oceans  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Different Thought by Michael May
  • Time Will Tell by Michael May
  • monalisa in 3dk by titus toledo
  • monalisa in splendor solis by titus toledo
  • monalisa kaladua by titus toledo
  • monalisa ill minutia by titus toledo
  •  monalisa nekyia by titus toledo
  • monalisa inmolatio by titus toledo
  • monalisa logorrhea by titus toledo

About This Group

First there was Leonardo da Vinci , then there was Marcel Duchamp , then came Andy and Soxy ……who at the very same time one night/day…..he in Britain, she in Australia….. unbeknown to each other……uploaded Modified Mona Lisa Art……at EXACTLY the same time…..very spooky.
This group is THE dumping ground for all your Mona Lisa modifications. Let’s see them. The rules are simple……if it doesn’t include a Mona Lisa….it’s out. If it does….it’s in. Spread the word.
Enjoy yourselves now won’t you?? and maybe sometimes we’ll think up something challenging for a challenge!
Click on this here Mona to go to the place where you can put Monas that you don’t want to upload as art but still want to put in the group!

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