Only Flies

Dedicated to showing that flies are more than just a nuisance

  • Hoverfly Macro by relayer51
  • hoverfly by davvi
  • So Fly I by Cameron Hampton
  • Close 7 by Gareth Jones
  • The Fly by Gareth Jones
  • Green-eyed, long-legged beauty by Alison Finch
  • Hoverfly amongst the stamens by relayer51
  • Copper-tailed blowfly by Etwin
  • Robber Fly by Rick Playle
  • Deano by Enivea
  • the fly by Doreen Connors
  • Hoverfly , Volucella Pellucens by relayer51
  • Cool Dude by Alison Finch
  • The *FLY* by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters
  • Mellow yellow by Jim Butera
  • Happy Hour on the Asters by suzannem73
  • Dolichopodid Fly by Andrew Widdowson
  • Purple Haze by Edge-of-dreams