OLDER KIDS is place to showcase your fabulous images of *children, teenagers and young adults aged 8-16 years*.


This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Our 5th Challenge! This challenge is only open to group members and must be added to the group! So lets see your kids participating in sports! Before you add the entry to the challenge please check that you have added the young person’s age and have submitted the image to the group, or it will be removed! So go and bribe them or take some sneaky photos!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Voting is for the image that appeals to you most of all and in your opinion is the best SPORTING IMAGE OF AN OLDER KID!

Rewards & Prizes

The winning photographer will be featured member, and their image will be avatar too, plus of course the rights to brag and boast to all! The top ten images will also be featured.

Additional Information

This challenge is only open to group members and obviously the image must be added to the group along with the age in the description.
Any images not conforming with the above will be removed from the challenge.
As boring this may sound, it is required so that we can feature your work if you are in the top ten!

Absolutely no journaling or bubble-mailing asking for votes from everyone on your watchlist. Let your photo win of its own merit. We hate to add this, but feel it’s necessary. If we see someone get a big rush of last-minute votes (not one or two or consistent voting, of course, but several in a row at “zero hour”), we will assume they’re going against this stipulation and “padding” the ballot box, and will be forced to remove their photo from the challenge to keep it fair.

Cover Image: The Sport Shot by Margie Dillow


The Top Ten

Run by cindylu

Run by cindylu was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 3 votes.

  • Kick Butt by cheerishables
  • I can do  it by sharon wingard
  • Sk8! by wahumom
  • at the pool by dennis wingard
  • free runing by katarina86
  • Full Throttle by Carole Brunet

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