Country Living-No Nature Only Landscapes or Roads

Group Rules:


Group Guidelines:
Three (3) images per day please.
All stock images, photos, tubes, textures…anything you didn’t make yourself or buy must be credited and if possible linked back to the owner.

  • We do not accept* Clothing, iphone cases, greeting cards with writing…only images!

Please no violence, portrayal of personal harm or destruction, bloody gore, guns, knives or other offensive weapons.
No images with an offensive Political / Religious / Sexual content.
No digital writing please!

No macros or close ups, no matter what the subject!
All members must have an accessible Bmail.

General Information:
As a member…I authorize Hosts the use of any image I submit to this group as an Avatar for a group challenge.

FYI: All images and memberships are accepted or refused at the sole discretion of the Hosts.
Hosts do not submit images, hence do not participate in challenges…this group is dedicated to the members.

Rejections of images or membership will not be debated or explained.
Mail sent to hosts with questions like ”why was I/my work rejected?” will not be answered.*

Reasons for removal from this groups are
Copyright infringement or plagiarism.
Flooding the group.
Repeated re-entering of rejected work
Repeated entering of work that is not within the group rules and guidelines on the front page.

Guidelines are subject to change without notification.