Country Living-No Nature Only Landscapes or Roads

Life in the Country from years ago to the present.

Recent Work

  • Ned Kelly came to Town on a Motor Bike by Clare Colins
  • Frosty morning by Veikko  Suikkanen
  • Kicking up Dust by Rebecca Bryson
  • NOBEL CANYON TRAILHEAD by fsmitchellphoto
  • "Fall Away" by Elfriede Fulda
  • Vineyards of Barolo by annalisa bianchetti
  • Last Dollar Road by Linda Sparks
  • Wander down a Country Lane by Clare Colins
  • Cades Cove, Spring 2016, II by Douglas  Stucky
  • 10 Point Buck by Caleb Ward
  • View of Borno and Pizzo Badile Camuno by annalisa bianchetti
  • Foliage Peak before the Finale..... by Poete100

About This Group

All art forms will be accepted from photography to manipulations, to paintings, and completed sketches, providing the image depicts “life” in the country.

This group entertains an inspirational and creative degree of work. Poor quality images will be removed. I will look for composition and the visual message your image delivers of Life in the Country from years ago to the present. Please use your best editing skills!

What we are looking for

We want a mountain scene with grazing animals, folks working, or wildlife as part of the scene. Streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, with human or animal activity as you might see passing by. Please make sure the scene in the country contains the *living and life" factor. We want a well rounded scenic image that contains the elements as well as life within.

Country cottages, country homes, meeting places, country stores, events in the country, a warm and inviting scene. Let the viewer know this is a part of country living.

In General we looks for scenes versus landscapes. By this statement we mean the following through definition of the differences of the two terms:
Scene: A place of occurrence or action, a real or imaginary prospect suggesting a setting, a sphere of activity. Indeed this is what we will look for totally.
Landscape: A picture representing a view of natural inland territory, a territory which can be viewed at one time from one place, land forms of a specific region.

We will not accept the following
Just a mountain scene, or a stream, or a lake.
Just a barn door, a close house image, or a hay wagon that gets seeds up my nose!
Just a bird/birds in the tree, a vase or pitcher on a table.
Just the bench in a gazebo.

This group is not about landscapes, waterscapes, seascapes that are barren – we want life in the country!

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