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Recent Work

  • check your blood pressure at the door by StoneAge
  • Red Mailbox  by Ethna Gillespie
  • Old Store going into Dahlonega, Georgia by Chelei
  • This old house by Chelei
  • Ring of Fire by Monnie Ryan
  • Scaredy Cat? by Jay Taylor
  • Marree Railway Station by Tim Coleman
  • Old Farm v1 by Julie Conway
  • D by Julie Conway
  • Farmland Watertank by Vanessa Barklay
  • Rust in Peace by Candy Gemmill
  • Out Of Place by Candy Gemmill

About This Group

This group is open to all art that is old and rusty. Nothing which is still in near new condition. The artwork must have copious amounts of rust, not just a hint of rust. Photos are not to be over manipulated to give a rustic, rusty appearance. Photos can be black and white as long as the rust and age are prominent. The main focus of the this group is to promote the artistic, perspective and imaginative skills of the artist.

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