Ohio Photographers Group

A group for photographers in Ohio.

Recent Work

  • Redy or Not by Cathy Donohoue
  • Mindful by Cathy Donohoue
  • Winter Mushrooms2 by Alice Kahn
  • Winter mushrooms by Alice Kahn
  • Sign by Cathy Donohoue
  • the rainbow by Gabi Swanson
  • Sunset by Gabi Swanson
  • A tower in Frankfurt by Gabi Swanson
  • Bald Eagle by Gabi Swanson
  • Monarch butterflies migration by Gabi Swanson
  • last colors of fall by Gabi Swanson
  • follow me by Gabi Swanson

About This Group

Welcome visitors and prospective new members. This is a group for photographers in Ohio and by that I mean living in Ohio. The purpose of the group is to create a community of Ohio photographers within the community of RedBubble, to showcase the excellent work of those photographers and to foster an environment that encourages and rewards growth in both artistic vision and technical excellence.

In addition to the features on our groups page, we have grouped our best images into categories to make browsing for your favorite subject even easier. Click on the links below to view the Ohio Photographers Group’s “Best Of” image categories.

“BEST OF” Categories

Best of Wildlife
Best of Flowers & Plants
Best of B&W and Monotone
Best of Landscapes
Best of Portraits
Best of Architecture
Best of Songbirds
Best of Everything Else

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