Oh So Emotional Current emotion: Rebirth

A weekly themed group based on Emotion. Features will be asked to join a challenge to choose the best of each emotion.

Recent Work

  • Eye of truth by Open-secrets
  • Q Canada by Open-secrets
  • Untitled by Open-secrets
  • All Alone in the Deep Blue Sea by ChasSinklier
  • Q-anon take 17 by Open-secrets
  • America loves Q by Open-secrets
  • Lift Up Your Hands in Prayer by Anne Gitto
  • We love America by Open-secrets
  • We love Canada by Open-secrets
  • The time is now - Q by Open-secrets
  • Untitled by Open-secrets
  • Koi in Black by Barbara  Brown

About This Group

For 7 day periods we will ask for submitted art (photography, graphics, cards, painting, drawings, clothes, etc) exhibiting a particular emotion.

After the seven day period, we will feature 12-40 works from that Emotion Theme and ask those features to enter a challenge for the members to choose the best of the best which will also be a permanent part of our group and the avatar for the next time we run that emotion theme.

The emotion theme will change weekly and will be random. We will repeat emotions here and there. Please be advised that you may not submit a work that has already been featured in the group at another time. It will automatically be rejected for consideration for featuring.

Bmailing hosts asking to get your image featured is ineffectual. If we get bmails asking us to review your work once again or “give it a chance” said work will be disqualified and automatically not featured.

Janet, “Mr. Smith” and Taylor choose all features based on the following:
1) technically commendable
2) artistic merit
3) originality and creativity
3) does it move us….”wow factor”

Features for Contentment
ONLY Featured works are INVITED to join the Best of Contentment Challenge. All others will be removed WITHOUT notice!

Current Emotion (Dec 30-Jan 5 EST): APATHY (Reminder: If your piece was featured already for this emotion, it will automatically be disqualified for this round. So please choose different pieces to submit!!)

Next Emotion (Begin uploading on Jan 6): SUPPORTIVE (Reminder: If your piece was featured already for this emotion, it will automatically be disqualified for this round. So please choose different pieces to submit!!)

We are Oh So THANKFUL! The following images were generously made available for us to use in our Feature Banner! Thank you Amazing Artists!
Funny Face by KerrieMcSnap
The Fighter by tonilouise
B. by Michael Scholl
…back when i was a professional racecar driver by vandal
Rebel Yell by Shelly Hiebert
Dear Little Doll Series….Eugenia by Rouble RUST
The Naked Truth by Mark Elshout
Uganda by Christopher Barker
Fragile by Sarah Pett-Noble
Felix 2 by Cathleen Tarawhiti
Baby Blue by Steph Granshaw
Go Crazy by Canadian-Eskimo
“I dont want the world to see me ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/salmaassal/art/... by SalmaAssal
Cris and Jimmy by George Kypreos
In living color, Metal SANAZ by artistmind
Untitled by FireStar
Hey Boys & Girls by Peacefulwarrior
Worn Out by en-joy
Agatha by VVVenus
JOY & PEACE by RakeshSyal
Shocked by Johanne Brunet
Perfume by Sue Nueckel
- by Maciej Pokora
Whitney in Vargas 04 by Matthew Dawkins
Sadhu Painting by PottyScotty
Cover Girl by Hollee McNamara
What is so funny… by Peacefulwarrior
The Eyes Have it by Naomi Frost

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