NYIP students and alumni (Only 2 images per day, please)

A place for students and alumni of the New York Institute of Photography to share ideas, offer critique, and share experiences and successes with other students.

Recent Work

  • Summer's End by Barbara  Brown
  • Light And Shadow ~ Part One by artisandelimage
  • The Memory of You by Laurie Search
  • Nestled In by Laurie Search
  • Sweet Little Killdeer by Rosalie Scanlon
  • ccchhhhuuuttttttt !!! Don't Tell Him Where I Am ! by artisandelimage
  • The Fish (What Fish ???) by artisandelimage
  • A Simple Question... by artisandelimage
  • The Colors Of Photography ~ Part Forty-One by artisandelimage
  • Reading and Coffee Time Black and White by Sherry Hallemeier
  • Silent Conversation by artisandelimage
  • One in a Million by Laurie Search

About This Group

The “NYIP students and alumni” group is for those who are currently studying with or have graduated from the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).

The forums also are a place to post photos for critique and advice as well as to ask for help on areas of difficulty. Because we are all “on our own” in the distance-learning format, we hope that this will become a virtual classroom where we can share our experiences and offer support and encouragement. Please post only your very best work so we can all see the talent that surrounded us. And don’t forget to introduce yourself and tell what course or courses you studied.

Please read the group rules carefully before submitting your photographs! The hosts will critique the work closely before approving.

We will NOT accept:

  1. Greeting cards and other items that include text.
  2. Images with frames attracting more attention than the photograph itself. If you feel your photograph needs a frame, make one that subtly emphasizes the image in it.
  3. Photographs with added textures, nor any other layered works. The hosts may accept some photographs layered with a texture photographed by the same author, if the original photograph stands out on itself (eg, a texture may not be used to ‘save’ a badly made photograph), and the texture is used subtly to enhance the photograph in a sense of achieving certain mood, suggesting context etc.
  4. Photos that we consider excessively Photoshopped, of course, since they bear no relation to our photography courses.
  5. “Snapshots” that do not appear to be in line with the NYIP guidelines and show no techniques of composition.
  6. Photos where major part shows another artwork (such as a painting or mural) unless the photograph adds substantial elements (be it objects, perspective, lighting etc) changing or enhancing the perception or meaning of the other artwork, shows surprising relations, etc.

Please read the Suggested ‘rules’ of composition forum if you have questions. And bubblemail us if you question a rejection. We are only human!

Note: Our current avatar is used with permission from tashatv28.

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