Nottingham and its Shire (UK)

A group for the county of Nottinghamshire in the middle of England, with its myths and folklore, history, rolling terrain, bustling city and rural villages. For locals to promote it and visitors to enjoy it.

  • By the weir by Carole Russell
  • Wollaton Park rutting  by Elaine123
  • Proud by riotphoto
  • Misty morn. by naranzaria
  • Nottingham Canal by Elaine123
  • As the Tram goes By by Elaine123
  • Amanita muscaria by Elaine123
  • Golden Leaves by geoff curtis
  • Trent Barge by Alexander Bampton
  • Attenborough Nature Reserve  by Elaine123
  • Isolation by Paul Eyre
  • Graveyard Ghostgirl by Clare Barton
  • Mist on the hills, over Nottinghamshire. U.K. by naranzaria
  • Early morning at the duck pond. by naranzaria
  • Another misty morning. by naranzaria
  • Musk Rose by geoff curtis
  • The Tower by geoff curtis
  • Between the carousels by Lamar Francois