Not What It Seems

Illustrations or photo's that have an unusual "look again" element.

Recent Work

  • Dream The Impossible Dream... by Rubyblossom
  • Rainbow Chaos by KirstenStar
  • zodiacal light by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • green nebula by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • black toucan ecopop by jorgelebeau
  • woods landscape ecopop by jorgelebeau
  • Orange Skull ecopop by jorgelebeau
  • I'll Meet You At Midnight ... by Rubyblossom
  • No Room For Ted! by Rubyblossom
  • colored water by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • lamps by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • Lazy Twin Palms by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

About This Group

Welcome one and all!

This is the group for showcasing your artworks and photo’s that give the viewer a chance to question the image.

A good example of this concept is the classic cartoon ‘double take’, where the character runs off a cliff and only on the second look do they realise there is no ground beneath them, so THEN they fall. Artists Picasso, Dali and Escher did some pioneering works in this area, so thinking along those lines and we’re on the same page!

This group celebrates work that you’ve created that engages the mind and makes the viewer feel an emotion in relation to seeing the “second thought”.

In case you were wondering…. We DO accept:
- Images with subliminal messages
- Work with an optical illusion/ image shifting aspect/ fractal work
- 3D stereograms (a 3D image hidden within another image)
- Hidden objects imagery/ Images with loads of little things going on at once

We DO NOT accept:
- Unfinished work
- Pictures of pets/ people
- Explicit/ blatantly offensive or sexual work.

That is: The basic rule is images must engage the viewer, so we don’t accept images that give everything away in the first glance…. Images must have artistic value, so we do not accept work that looks unfinished or is purely explicit. We do accept the human body as a form, but reject images that trivialize or degrade the human body and sexuality.

Also, we do delete multiples of similar images submitted from the same artist. If you submit multiples, please make sure to vary the type of works you add.

Also, if we delete your work from the group, do not get disheartened. We really want work to fit the group, so Bubblemail us if you are unsure whether your image will be accepted.


Prizes for challenges: AUD$25 via PayPal, featured artist, featured work & write up in group news.

04-Mar-09 – CHALLENGE 1 – Movie Poster – Congratulations: CLIPICS!
Congratulations to Clipics for the entry into the very 1st Not What It Seems Challenge, winning by popular vote with, “A Clockwork Orange Rewound”.
Clipics’ has a great vibrant style of work, with a clear appreciation for the female form. Clipics uses a variety of Photoshop editing techniques in combination with photography to create unusual and engaging pieces of work

27-Mar-09 – CHALLENGE 2 – Fractal & Pixelates – Congratulations: Steve Davis!
Congratulations to Steve Davis for the entry, “Mandala of Ascension”. Steve Davis is a bit of a digital art guru, combining photographs and digital work to create beautiful masterpieces

21-Apr-10 – CHALLENGE 3 – Hybrids – Congratulations: UniqueDesigns!
Thanks to the wonderful response, we had loads of designs to vote on. Unique Designs (aka Dennis) has amazing work, all very different and engaging. He has won some awards for his art, and i reckon his work is pretty cool! Nice to see an artist breaking conventional “rules” and doing exciting stuff! :D

CHALLENGE 4 Coming soon!


To Join – Please read and accept the group guidelines.

Thanks! :)

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