Nostalgic Photography

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Recent Work

  • Stained Glass Window - Basilique St-Sauveur, Rocamadour, France by Marilyn Harris
  • CUPIDS LOVE NOTES by Tammera
  • DOUBT NOT MY LOVE by Tammera
  • HEADS I WIN..TAILS YOU ... by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Silence and peace by Ana Belaj
  • China Clay Chimney by lezvee
  • Old Mill, Vieux Moulin de Vernon, Eure, Normandy by Marilyn Harris
  • Century La Commanderie Templierre d'Arville, France by Marilyn Harris
  • Climbers On Dartmoor by lezvee
  • TO MY VALENTINE 4 by Tammera
  • A summer walk by Michael Haslam
  • TO MY VALENTINE 5 by Tammera

About This Group

Please consider the rules carefully. This group is for photographs. The images must take us to places or remembrance of things that create memories of time past. This opens the group a lot, so be sure that your image really is a nostalgic inducing one.

Please explain in your Artist Notes why or how the subject of your picture invokes nostalgia.

Winner “Avatar” challenge july 2017

Making summer memories by DebbieWade
Winner “Childhood memories” challenge

" What Shall We Do Now " by relayer51
Winner*Black & White old pictures* challenge

Grandmather by ArenisbyRasaco
Winner*Nostalgic treasures* challenge

Dear Hilda * by wallarooimages
Winner in *Avatar

Old International Farm Tractor by Vivian Eagleson


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