Northern landscape

Group Rules:

1 – Photography only, all kinds of photography accepted, no more than 2 per day otherwise they can be all rejected

2 – Country, city, etc, you can submit everything as long as it was taken in the geographical area that is descrived in point 4

3 – No macros, portraits or excessive post edition unless it is still clear that it is in the apropriated geographical area and/or it is about somtheing/some one/some where/plant or animal that only exists in the apropriated geographical area

4 – In this group, “Northern” is understood as: Alaska (AND ALASKA ONLY, NOT THE WHOLE USA), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany’s and Poland’s Baltic Coastline, Belarus and northern Russia and that’s it!

5 – You must state in the description or in the title where in globe the photo was taken (country and place), otherwise I will have to guess or rely on my personal knowledge and that means that your photo can be rejected…

6 – No work or posts in the forum that is offensive, pornographic or racist – You can be banned for that!

7 – This group can have several publications (e-magazines or paper magazines) promoting the group and it’s artists. Therefore this means that from the moment you press the button to join the group, you are agreeing that your work is included in those very same publications. The publications can be sold and its revenues will be used to promote the group and create conditions to offer prizes to challenge winners. These publications are therefore only a vehicle of promotion for the community and for the feautered works/artists not violating in any case author rights. The names of the works/artists will allways be provided in the publication allong with links to their homepages. Due to all this, it is extremely important that you are not infringing any law with your work (like lack of permits, model release, etc…)

8 – Me as a host/moderator and organizer of challenges and the publications DO NOT take any responsability over any possible legal infringement from the group contributors/artists part.

9 – By joining/staying in the group or submiting works to the community/group you are automatically agreeing with all the rules here written

10 – The host has a final word in all questions not predicted in these rules. In case of any doubt, please feel free to Bubble mail me or send me a message via our contact form in our website.