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Recent Work

  • The Ulster Hall, Belfast. by gundogpic
  • Robinson and Cleaver, Belfast. by gundogpic
  • Somesay "The good ole Beeb!" by gundogpic
  • Black-tailed godwit by Jon Lees
  • Photobombed Bokeh by gundogpic
  • Another Day Another Sunrise by Derek Smyth
  • Portrait of an Onioncorn as a  youngyin! by gundogpic
  • ... getting to know you! by gundogpic
  • The Breakfast Queue by gundogpic
  • The Lunch Date by gundogpic
  • Just across the water by gundogpic
  • Killyleagh .. the harbour by gundogpic

About This Group

Northern Ireland is that little part of the UK that isn’t actually attached…. you see us? left a bit, little bit more…. yep, there we are! And this is the place you’ll find talented artists from the six counties. So whether you live here or have been visiting or just interested in our wee place, come in, pull up a pew and enjoy the fun of Norn Iron!

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